Curious to know if you are fertile?

The Full Monitoring Cycle is a Fertility Package comprising 13 tests and ultrasound scan that will be taken on specific days of your cycle. It is designed to address most common causes of infertility.

These tests will help us to choose the correct treatment for you without guessing.

For a limited time this summer we’re offering 13 separate hormone tests, a detailed mid cycle ultrasound scan to check follicle growth, follicle count and womb lining thickness and a Consultation with a Fertility Doctor to explain the results and provide personalised recommendations.

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Full Monitoring Cycle!

What Would be Analysed?
The most comprehensive analysis assessment

Day 1-3 FSH, LH, Progesterone, Oestradiol, Prolactin, AMH, FT4/TSH & Vitamin D
Day 9-12 Oestradiol
Day 9-12 LH
Day 9-12 Ultrasound scan
5-7 Days post ovulation Progesterone

What is included in the price?

  • Full Monitoring Cycle
  • Comprehensive consultation with the Medical Director
  • Detailed Treatment Plan and Report
  • Complimentary 15 minute call with a Fertility Nurse

+ £150 for semen analysis (if required)
* Other clinics £1200-1500

Why choose ...

We have over 300 partner clinics so you can do these tests near your home plus you will receive these results within 24 hours.
Most fertility checks only include AMH which gives a small part of the picture, we go further by doing blood tests for hormones at three different stages to provide a complete overview of your menstrual cycle and we include vitamin D levels and thyroid stimulating hormone.
Whether you’re planning ahead or looking for answers our fertility package covered all the essential steps to give you a clear and complete picture of your reproductive Health

If you’re a couple we also would recommend adding a semen analysis to complete assessment.


When is it optimal to have the analysis done?

During your Cycle day 2 or 3: Hormone blood tests are taken for FSH, LH, Oestradiol, Prolactin and

During your Cycle day 10-14: A mid-cycle ultrasound scan and additional hormone blood tests will be arranged. The Ultrasound scan will assess the endometrial lining of your uterus and provide information on growing follicles in your ovaries.
During the 5-7 Days Post Ovulation:
A progesterone blood test is arranged approximately 4 -6 days after your LH surge with a partner laboratory convenient to your location.

What is the Refund policy in case of cancellations?

Due to being a promotion, we can only return 50% if you cancel before starting the tests, after commencing the tests is not refundable.

If you have an irregular cycle (regular cycle is when you have the same length of cycle from month to month +- 5-6 days deviation) please note that any additional appointments that might be needed will be charged separately.

Where can I take the tests?

We have a wide network of labs to offer you depending on your location. We always try to offer the closest one, but please note that due to availability they might be limited and in this case we will give you the options.

Why is the price so low?

We understand the financial burden when trying to conceive and that not everyone can afford fertility treatment, that is why we created a special promotion. We are thinking about our clients and we wish to provide the best service.

When is the promotion due?

It is active during July. You will need to enroll in July, however you should start the analysis process during the next 3 months.

Who will be my doctor for consultation?

Dr. Sami Almusawa, Plan Your Baby Medical Director.

How long will it take to get the analysis and consultation?

The results will be available up to 24 hours after taking the tests and the consultation will be booked after receiving these.

How the results will be shared?

The results will be shared directly with you through e-mail with a short description of the results. The detailed description and recommendations will be shared with you in consultation with Dr. Sami Almusawa.

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