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Monitoring cycle

We will monitor your natural cycle prior to IVF treatment to ensure we understand the functionality of your cycle and ensure we are choosing the stimulation protocol that suits your body, as everybody is different and what suits one may not suit you.

What Makes Us Different

We’ve crafted a fully supported treatment process that places your comfort & well-being at the forefront.

What actually is IVF?


IVF stands for in vitro fertilisation and encompasses various methods of fertilising eggs outside the body. Typically, the embryology laboratory creates an artificial environment resembling the natural conditions in a woman’s fallopian tube, where eggs and sperm naturally meet for fertilisation. The eggs and sperm are combined in a petri dish and left to fertilise on their own. 

It is an intricate process involving retrieving eggs, manually fertilising them with sperm in a lab, and then placing the resulting embryo into the uterus. Successful pregnancy occurs when the embryo attaches to the uterine wall.

So what then is ICSI?


Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or ICSI, is a specialised fertility technique and is often used in conjunction with IVF treatment. It is often recommended for couples and men who are affected by male infertility. If sperm parameters are sub-optimal or there have been failed fertilisation rates in a previous IVF cycle then ICSI should be considered. ICSI involves injecting a single live sperm directly into the centre of a human egg.

How we can help you?

We’ve crafted a fully supported treatment process that places your comfort and well-being at the forefront. 

85% of your treatment occurs from the comfort of your home, eliminating unnecessary stress.

Our London Clinic plays a pivotal role, equipped with the latest technologies and delivers the highest standards.

You will be required to attend the clinic only for egg collection and embryo transfer.

All blood tests and Ultrasound scans will be performed from the comfort of your home area.

No need to spend hundreds of hours commuting to the clinic and taking time off.


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Our Packages

IVF  / ICSI Package

\PYB IVF Package Includes:

Phase 1: Monitoring cycle

Phase 2: Ovarian Stimulation

Phase 3: Triggering Egg Maturation

Phase 4: Egg Retrieval and Embryo Cultivation


Only £3,380

FER Package + Egg Freezing

PYB IVF Package Includes:

Phase 1: Monitoring cycle

Phase 2: Treatment Monitoring

Phase 3: Embryo Thawing

Phase 4: Embryo Transfer


Only £2,260

Please note that the approach we take with every client is bespoke based on medical history, age, and other factors. Additional tests may also be required, which are not included in the package. It is not necessary to complete the Plan Your Baby “Am I Fertile” package to proceed with the “Conception Assistance” or any other of our packages.

Further Treatment Information


IUI (intrauterine insemination) enhances conception by selecting the best sperm. In the lab, sperm is separated using specialised techniques, isolating the active ones from the less active. Then, during the insemination step, the sperm is placed into the upper uterus, optimising egg fertilisation. For some women, fertility drugs can further enhance fertilisation. These drugs stimulate egg production, improving success odds. Ultrasound scans track follicle development, and when it’s time, an hCG injection triggers ovulation.

IUI can stand alone or be combined with Timed Intercourse or Ovulation Induction for added effectiveness.

Ovulation Induction / Assistance with Conception

Ovulation disorders, causing irregular cycles or no ovulation, often cause infertility.

Ovulation Induction boosts ovulation using certain medications that will help to mildly or to gently stimulate your ovaries to produce follicles. We can time intercourse then by tracking the growth of these follicles with blood tests and ultrasound scans to predict when you will ovulate. This improves your chances of success.

For fertilisation to occur, a mature egg is released during ovulation and meets with sperm, typically in the fallopian tube where fertilisation most often occurs. Early in the cycle, follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) drive 10-12 ovarian follicles to grow. Typically one will dominate, becoming an egg while others will fade. About two weeks in, luteinising hormone (LH) triggers ovulation and the mature egg is released –  roughly 2-3 days after this LH signal.

‘Timed intercourse’ means tracking follicle growth and predicting ovulation, optimising fertilisation chances. Ovulation induction medication can stimulate more follicles, to release more than one egg thus increasing the odds of conception.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

A frozen embryo transfer, or FET, is a cycle in which a previously frozen embryo is thawed And prepared for transfer. Vitrification is an advanced process of freezing embryos and since its wide scale introduction frozen embryos now have excellent survival rates and pregnancy rates, making this a very successful treatment for those patients with previously frozen embryos.

Medicated FET: Using a hormone regimen, we control your cycle to create an optimal environment for embryo transfer. Medications include oestrogen and progesterone, ensuring precise timing for embryo introduction.

Natural FET: Letting your cycle progress naturally, we monitor your endometrium and trigger ovulation when it’s ready. Embryo transfer occurs about a week later, often accompanied by progesterone to support the process.ption.

Egg Freezing

We understand that opting to freeze your eggs is not just a choice, but an empowerment. We’re here to support you, to delve into your current circumstances and seamlessly integrate egg freezing into your life. Our commitment is to enhance your chances of realising your family dreams. We stand by transparent recommendations, a principle that extends to treatments like egg freezing.

In your initial consultation, we’ll collaborate to devise an optimal strategy for preserving your fertility ahead. Given that age significantly influences egg quality, egg freezing becomes a valuable choice, allowing you to safeguard your eggs today for future fertility options. The process involves these steps : 

Initial Assessment Consultation

  • Day 2 Hormone blood tests to  determine eligibility and the optimal protocol for you.
  • Ovarian Stimulation with medication monitored by blood tests and scans.
  • Egg Collection under sedation.
  • Egg Freezing using vitrification

Navigating the world of donor sperm and donor egg becomes simpler with us. We assist you in selecting UK-compliant donor sperm and egg samples from reputable banks, ensuring rigorous viral and genetic screening. The chosen samples are then shipped to our Clinic Partner Location for secure storage. For those considering known donors, we provide guidance on screening and consent.

Additionally, the possibility of using donated embryos is available. These embryos, generously given by couples who’ve achieved their own success, can become an option for you. Reach out to us for more information on these avenues.


Surrogacy is a transformative path that opens doors to parenthood for everyone. Regardless of your background – a same-sex couple, a solo parent, or a heterosexual couple facing fertility struggles – surrogacy paves the way to creating the family you’ve dreamed of.

Surrogacy treatment allows more people than ever before the opportunity to start their own family. Whether part of a same-sex couple, a solo parent or a heterosexual couple with a history of fertility challenges, surrogacy allows patients to create a family where they might otherwise be unable to do so. Reach out to our Team to know more.

Pregnancy Monitoring

PYB has extremely high success rates for IVF. We will do everything in our power to make the process as stress-free and easy for you. If we are successful we also offer full Pregnancy monitoring too to help you on the next stage of your journey.


from £300*

*Please note that high-risk pregnancies will come with additional monitoring and these packages will have additional charges given the additional monitoring required.


What our clients say

“Without Plan Your Baby I have no doubt that my pregnancy would not have ended up with the healthy birth of my twins. Their honest, expert advice and moral support were crucial factors in getting the three of us through”

“I contacted Plan Your Baby before my 4th IVF stimulation and my only regret was that I had not done it earlier. It could have saved me 2 years of my life and £30,000 which I spent in clinic with different specialists”

“I loved working with Plan Your Baby. They made my fertility journey as seamless as possible, providing the consistent support that I needed, from emotional support to guidance through the necessary scans and procedures, as well as full medical consultation”

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