Male infertility can be caused by low sperm production, abnormal sperm function or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm.

Whatever the situation good or bad, we will help you find out fast so that we can put you on the right path for your future family.

Male Factor

Comprehensive Semen Analysis

A Semen Analysis is a fundamental diagnostic tool that assesses various aspects of semen to evaluate male fertility. This comprehensive examination scrutinises factors like sperm count, motility (the ability of sperm to move), morphology (the shape of sperm), and other vital characteristics. These parameters provide essential information about sperm health and function.

Optimal semen parameters for fertility typically include a sperm count of at least 15 million sperm per millilitre, with at least 40% displaying progressive motility, and a morphology of around 4% normal forms. These values serve as guidelines for assessing male fertility potential and guide medical recommendations for fertility treatments.

By offering valuable insights into sperm health, Semen Analysis is a crucial step in understanding and addressing potential fertility challenges on your path towards parenthood.

Semen culture

A semen culture is a vital laboratory test that identifies infections in the male genitourinary tract, encompassing the genital and urinary organs. By examining the semen sample, this test detects bacterial or fungal infections that can harm reproductive health. If indicated a course of antibiotics may be necessary before proceeding with treatment, as these infections can significantly impact fertility and reproductive function.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation

The Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test examines the integrity of the DNA within sperm cells, shedding light on potential fertility concerns. It assesses the level of damage to the genetic material, which can impact the sperm’s ability to fertilise an egg properly.

A normal result typically indicates that less than 15-30% of sperm have fragmented DNA. Higher levels could suggest an increased risk of fertility issues.

Diet and lifestyle choices indeed influence sperm DNA fragmentation. Adopting a balanced diet, managing stress, reducing exposure to toxins, and maintaining a healthy weight can contribute to improved results. Understanding and addressing DNA fragmentation levels are essential steps in optimising male fertility for successful IVF outcomes.

Ultrasound Testes

When facing challenges like abnormal semen analysis, elevated DNA fragmentation, or suspected varicoceles – conditions that can significantly impact fertility – our doctor might recommend an Ultrasound Test. This diagnostic tool offers crucial insights by visualising the reproductive structures. For instance, in the case of suspected varicoceles, ultrasound can identify abnormal vein enlargement, which could be contributing to fertility issues. By providing a clear picture of the reproductive system, ultrasound tests aid in identifying potential underlying causes and guide our tailored approach to optimise fertility potential.

Micro-TESE and PESA

In situations with abnormal semen parameters that could affect fertilisation outcomes, advanced techniques like Micro-TESE (Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction) and PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) come into play. These procedures aim to retrieve viable sperm directly from the testicles or epididymis, bypassing fertility obstacles.


Micro-TESE focuses on surgically extracting sperm from the testicles, while PESA involves collecting sperm from the epididymis through a minimally invasive approach. These methods offer promising solutions to improve fertilisation potential, making parenthood dreams closer to reality.


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