Female Fertility MOT Package



Female Fertility MOT packages include:

  • Consultation with the UK’s leading Fertility expert. (Normally priced £250)
  • AMH (Normally priced £130)
  • FSH (Normally priced £50)
  • OESTRADIOL (Normally priced £50)
  • PROGESTERONE (Normally priced £50)
  • PROLACTINE (Normally priced £50)
  • LH (Normally priced £50)
  • TSH & T4  (Normally priced £75)
  • VITAMIN D (Normally priced £80) Same day results Consultation booked within 48hrs of results
Other clinics will charge you approximately £735 for the same tests.

Refund policy found here, please ensure you have read this before purchase.

*Blood tests / phlebotomy fees are not included as these are subject to your location. Prices range between £20-50 subject to where you are plan to have the tests in the UK.

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