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Plan Your Baby, our esteemed partner clinic, offers unparalleled telehealth services backed by over 150 years of combined clinical expertise.

Proov and Plan your baby crafted a special partnership meant to offer trustworthy and comprehensive fertility guidance to our UK Proov customers.

Get Your Personalised Treatment

We offer treatment for the 13 most common causes of infertility based on your unique circumstances.

1) Book a Consultation

In your focused 30-minute Zoom session, Dr. Sami assesses your medical history, examines your Proov results, and discusses strategies to optimize your luteal phase. Referred by Proov, this specialised consultation is designed to enhance your fertility journey. Book now to benefit from Dr. Sami’s insights and take a significant step toward understanding and supporting your fertility. Your path to a successful pregnancy starts with a tailored consultation.

2) Share Your Proov Results

As a Proov referral patient, kindly share your Proov results with us. This ensures our team can thoroughly review them before your consultation, allowing for a more personalised and effective discussion with Dr. Sami.

3) Receive Your Tailored Plan

Following your consultation with Dr. Sami, expect to receive a customised and personalised plan designed to empower you with a better understanding and control over your fertility journey.

4) Monitoring and Check-Ins
Rest assured, the Plan Your Baby team is committed to supporting you. We’ll check in with you regularly, ensuring you comprehend your next steps on the path to parenthood and feel fully supported throughout your journey.

Book a Consultation

Book a Consultation

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We’re committed to creating a successful outcome for you. Every stage we will have a check-in and ensure the most appropriate treatment is being understaken.

In the event of a positive pregnancy test, we offer close monitoring to reduce the risk of miscarriage and complications, enhancing the chances of a successful pregnancy and delivery.


I’m incredibly grateful to have discovered this company, as it has saved me time, money, and a lot of stress. Thank you for all your support!       

Highly recommend Plan Your Baby!


I cannot express enough gratitude towards Plan Your Baby for their role in making our dream of starting a family a reality. Our fertility journey was long and challenging, but with their tailored approach and 24/7 availability, we finally succeeded.


I had an incredibly positive experience with Plan Your Baby and I can’t praise Maria enough for her outstanding support throughout the entire journey. The service itself was top-notch, and I felt well cared for every step of the way.


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