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Plan Your Baby is a Proov trusted Telehealth clinic to support customers with their clinical needs.


Our Offering

At Plan Your Baby we are offering for anyone who purchases one of the Proov kits the opportunity to have a 30 minute Fertility consultation with our Medical Director and Fertility expert, Dr Sami Alumusawa. Dr Sami has worked in some of the most successful fertility clinics in the UK and has more than 20 years of experience. His experience and expertise make consultations with him highly sought after. We are offering for a 30 minute consultation with Dr Sami for only £125 where the following is included in the consultation fee:

  • Reviewing Proov results
  • Taking a full medical history and you will be advised of the best treatment options moving forward.
  • Digital prescription for necessary medications including progesterone (up to 3 month support)
  • A free complimentary 15 min follow up consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced Fertility Nurse Specialists who will be able to assist you further should you have any questions post consultation with Dr Sami Almusawa

The medications are not included in the consultation fee:

  • The progesterone medication for 3 month course can be offered through our partner pharmacy at a discounted price of £97.92 compared to £115.20 on average through other pharmacies.
Dr Sami Almusawa Medical Director and Leading Fertility Consultant MBBS, MRCOG

Dr Almusawa is a highly qualified member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (London) having graduated in 2003, then working in the UK since 2006 in the field of general Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In 2010 he started working exclusively in infertility at IVF Hammersmith and then he worked for 8 years at ARGC, the UK clinic with the highest success rates (source) with Mr Mohamed Taranissi, one of the most well-known IVF doctors worldwide. His specialities are in recurrent miscarriage/recurrent implantation failure, male infertility and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).


1) Book a Consultation
In your focused 30-minute Zoom session, Dr. Sami assesses your medical history, examines your Proov results, and discusses strategies to optimize your luteal phase. Referred by Proov, this specialised consultation is designed to enhance your fertility journey. Book now to benefit from Dr. Sami’s insights and take a significant step toward understanding and supporting your fertility. Your path to a successful pregnancy starts with a tailored consultation.
2) Share Your Proov Results
As a Proov referral patient, kindly share your Proov results with us. This ensures our team can thoroughly review them before your consultation, allowing for a more personalised and effective discussion with Dr. Sami.
3) Receive Your Tailored Plan
Following your consultation with Dr. Sami, expect to receive a customised and personalised plan designed to empower you with a better understanding and control over your fertility journey.
4) Monitoring and Check-Ins
Rest assured, the Plan Your Baby team is committed to supporting you. We’ll check in with you regularly, ensuring you comprehend your next steps on the path to parenthood and feel fully supported throughout your journey.

Book your consultation with Dr. Sami

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I had an amazing experience with Plan your Baby from start to finish. From Dr Sammy who tailored the protocol to my individual needs to Marija who was always there to answer any of my questions and give me a helping and caring hand. She… - Julie

I used Plan Your Baby for my fifth pregnancy following 2 miscarriages and losing my son at 2 days old after a uterine rupture. The team is AMAZING. I needed support with progesterone levels and had multiple incidents of spotting and bleeding in the first… - Hannah

At the age of 39, struggling to conceive naturally for years, I embarked on a journey with Maria’s clinic, Plan Your Baby, hoping for a positive pregnancy test. I anticipated it might take some time, but Maria’s expertise and dedication exceeded my expectations. For three…

I loved working with Plan Your Baby. They made my fertility journey as seamless as possible, providing the consistent support that I needed, from emotional support to guidance through the necessary scans and procedures, as well as full medical consultation

I can highly recommend Plan Your Baby as your support at such important period as IVF is. I contacted Pan Your Baby only before my fourth IVF stimulation and the only my regret was that I had not done it earlier. It could save me…

I could write pages on how kind, informed and supportive Marija was during my very difficult IVF and pregnancy. The key point though is that, without Marija, I have no doubt that my pregnancy would not have ended in the healthy birth of my twins.…

Without Plan Your Baby I have no doubt that my pregnancy would not have ended up with the healthy birth of my twins. Their honest, expert advice and moral support were crucial factors in getting the three of us through

I contacted Plan Your Baby before my 4th IVF stimulation and my only regret was that I had not done it earlier. It could have saved me 2 years of my life and £30,000 which I spent in clinic with different specialists

The team at Plan Your Baby showed the highest level of professionalism, understanding my needs, and approaching me with kindness and care. Their personal attention played a crucial role in this journey. We discussed clearly and double-checked all my medications and the time I had…

I loved working with Plan Your Baby. They made my fertility journey as seamless as possible, providing the consistent support that I needed, from emotional support to guidance through the necessary scans and procedures, as well as full medical consultation

I loved working with Plan Your Baby team – they made my fertility journey as seamless as possible, providing consistent support that I needed in all aspects, from emotional support, to guidance through necessary scans and procedures, as well as full medication consultation. The fertility…

Marija has been an absolutely incredible support throughout the whole IVF/fertility process which is not the easiest journey neither emotionally nor physically. Being available pretty much 24/7 and always being there to give the best advice and help – this is something that makes the…

Plan Your Baby followed my monitoring and multiple treatments very precisely and carefully on a daily basis starting from day 1 until the 5th week of pregnancy. They are extremely knowledgeable and skilled, very attentive, highly accommodative and available even in the late hours. They…

The words “thank you” do not seem fit to cover the gratitude I feel towards Maria. Maria was the most caring, empathetic and sincere nurse we needed during a difficult, stressful and important journey in our lives trying to conceive. She helped me through what…

There are no words in the world that could truly express how thankful we are to you. You held my hand when I needed to be held up, you dried my tears and gave me hope when I so desperately needed it. You kindness and… - Balshen

You helped to answer our prayers and this year we will be celebrating with a little boy. Thanks yo your kindness. You went above and beyond for us and we are forever grateful. Sam, Rachel and Malachi.

Prior to meeting Marija we visited a number of Infertility clinics, they all boasted great knowledge, best-in-class facilities and were clear about the process, but something was missing. That something is Marija! She instantly made both my husband and I feel at ease and less…
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