At less than 1/10 of the price of IVF we can help you conceive.

4 / 5 Plan Your Baby clients have had successful
pregnancy outcomes

There are 13 main causes of infertility that are treatable. Start today.

4 / 5 Plan Your Baby clients have had successful
pregnancy outcomes

Close monitoring gives you the best chance of a happy, healthy pregnancy  journey

4 / 5 Plan Your Baby clients have had successful
pregnancy outcomes

Why choose Plan Your Baby?

4 / 5 Plan Your Baby clients have had successful fertility outcomes

Our experts have over 150 years of experience

Online consultations which fit into your life

Access to 400 locations for scans & tests to suit you


Support from 9 world-class specialists

Same Day

Online appointments and same results available


Our services will fit in around you, wherever you are


Tailored treatment plans


Team with over 150 years experience at top clinic

We beat the odds

of our clients experienced successful pregnancies

The Facts

1 in 6

people experience infertility in their lifetime


people are experiencing miscarriage


million people worldwide are affected by infertility


of miscarriages are not due to genetics, so can likely be avoided

What we do

We’ve designed fast, accessible, holistic solutions to Plan Your Baby

Our patients have access to over 400 fertility locations nationwide

Online consultations with leading fertility experts

Same day results from our accredited partner labs

Quick response and continuous support through digital communication

Next day medications delivered to your door

Ever wondered, is it me?

The worst thing about fertility struggles is not understanding the cause. Let us answer your questions with our comprehensive fertility assessment packages.

Be informed about your fertility and gain access to non-invasive treatments giving you the best possible chance of getting pregnant.

Need assistance with conception? Find out more

End-to-end Pregnancy Monitoring through to Term.

We offer a regular programme of blood tests and scans, to respond quickly to any emerging issues to give you confidence in the progress of the pregnancy.


What our clients say

“Without Plan Your Baby I have no doubt that my pregnancy would not have ended up with the healthy birth of my twins. Their honest, expert advice and moral support were crucial factors in getting the three of us through”

“I contacted Plan Your Baby before my 4th IVF stimulation and my only regret was that I had not done it earlier. It could have saved me 2 years of my life and £30,000 which I spent in clinic with different specialists”

“I loved working with Plan Your Baby. They made my fertility journey as seamless as possible, providing the consistent support that I needed, from emotional support to guidance through the necessary scans and procedures, as well as full medical consultation”

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Our solutions are
convenient, fast and holistic

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Psychological Support
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Up to 52 weeks

Did you know that one IVF cycle can cost between £7,000 and £15,000?

And that it often takes between 3 and 12 months?

Your Holistic Fertility Solution

Fertility and pregnancy aren’t just about reproductive health. We provide holistic support for every dimension of your fertility journey. Alongside our exceptional fertility experts, you will have access to all of the following:


Fertility Nurse Specialist
Fertility Coach

Genetic Specialist

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