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We’re with you every step of the way

Easily integrate your fertility treatment into your daily routine thanks to our outstanding support and at-home blood testing services.

All our treatments are designed for flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to complete many aspects of your treatment from the comfort of your own home.

With no waiting times and same-day test results, you can progress through your fertility journey at your own pace. Plus, with a wide network of testing locations across the country, you can easily find a convenient place for all further tests and scans.

At Plan Your Baby we offer end-to-end fertility care through our Fertility Assessment services, Non-Invasive Treatment, IVF services and Pregnancy monitoring.

Non-Invasive Treatment - Standard Package

Our first-line Non-Invasive Treatment addresses the most common causes of infertility.

With our standard Non-Invasive Treatment package, you will receive:
  • Ongoing support from our fertility nurses and midwives
  • Full Hormonal Profile testing
  • Cycle Monitoring, ultrasound scan, and Progesterone blood test
  • Digital prescriptions and next-day medicine delivery to your home

Optional extra services, charged separately:

  • Specialist network access
  • Optional early cycle ultrasound and additional blood tests

Highest expertise, End-to-end care, No wait times, 350 locations, Same-day test results


Non-Invasive Treatment - Comprehensive Package

Benefit from additional fertility coaching and 1-2-1 support through your fertility journey with our comprehensive Non-Invasive Treatment package.

In addition to the services provided in the standard package, you will also receive:
  • 1-hour fertility coach consultation
  • 1-hour nutrition coach consultation
  • Test results provided with online appointment support

Highest expertise, End-to-end care, No wait times, 350 locations, Same-day test results


Reasons to choose Plan Your Baby


Comprehensive end-to-end care from our team of specialists.

Always Fast:

Fast responses to all your inquiries with 24/7 support, no waiting lists for treatments, and same-day test results.

Highest Expertise:

A team with over 150 years of combined expertise and a proven track record of achieving the highest success rates.

Efficient Support:

Unparalleled support services designed to save you time and alleviate the stress of your fertility journey.

Nationwide Services:

350 locations nationwide and at home nursing appointments across the country.
Are you struggling to get pregnant and ready to explore IVF and other advanced Fertility Treatment instead of Non-Invasive Treatment? Advanced Reproductive Treatments

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What our clients say

  • I had an amazing experience with Plan your Baby from start to finish. From Dr Sammy who tailored the protocol to my individual needs to Marija who was always there to answer any of my questions and give me a helping and caring hand. She… - Julie
  • I used Plan Your Baby for my fifth pregnancy following 2 miscarriages and losing my son at 2 days old after a uterine rupture. The team is AMAZING. I needed support with progesterone levels and had multiple incidents of spotting and bleeding in the first… - Hannah
  • I could write pages on how kind, informed and supportive Marija was during my very difficult IVF and pregnancy. The key point though is that, without Marija, I have no doubt that my pregnancy would not have ended in the healthy birth of my twins.…
  • Plan Your Baby followed my monitoring and multiple treatments very precisely and carefully on a daily basis starting from day 1 until the 5th week of pregnancy. They are extremely knowledgeable and skilled, very attentive, highly accommodative and available even in the late hours. They…

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As a leading provider of fertility assessments, treatments, and care services, we have partnered with a range of world-renowned companies in the fertility field.

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